The Elios drone is the product of Swiss manufacturer Flyability. This drone is ideal for operating indoors and in complex and confined spaces.

Elios Drone for Confined Spaces

Elios Drones

Each drone is equipped with both HD and thermal video cameras to provide operators the visuals they need to navigate and make assessments. To withstand the hazardous conditions in which they are operated, Elios drones are also collision-resistant and radiation-tolerant.

Constellation Clearsight has established a relationship with Flyability to provide training and services to customers who are interested in purchasing Flyability equipment.

Industry Leading Training

Because our team consists of many licensed, proficient drone operators, we are able to provide instruction in the use of various Flyability products. Training can be tailored to suit the needs of each customer and can be conducted at Constellation Clearsight facilities or at the customer’s location.

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The Elios Drone is a powerful tool for both large-scale and confined system inspections. Through our relationship with Flyability, we sell, repair, and train customers in the use of these drones. Contact us for more information and a quote.