Minimize the Need to Coordinate Diving Personnel

Underwater inspections are essential to safely operating and maintaining the health of power generating stations. Unfortunately, even with the most experienced diving team, inherent safety risks involved in traditional underwater inspection methods exist. Clearsight’s High Resolution Sonar System (HRSS) solution provides valuable sub-surface insights for silt depth measurements and underwater diving activities.

Silt Mapping

Eliminate routine diver missions to determine silt conditions in an effort to aid facility owners inproper forecasting work schedules and ongoing O&M costs with Clearsight’s High Resolution Sonar System (HRSS). Our HRSS solution provides valuable sub-surface insights for silt depth measurements and underwater diving activities.  Our technology also supports silt depth classification for trending purposes, such as planned and coordinated silt removal, and provides visual evidence that silt removal projects are satisfactorily completed.

Diver Overwatch

Early identification of thermal radiation anomalies are valuable for preventing future issues. Clearsight experts employ-cutting edge drone and thermal sensor technology to safely and efficiently capture inspection data in an effort to:

  • Avoid costly system outages with our inspections.
  • Protect personnel from temperature-sensitive inspections with increased drone range
  • Overcome visual obstacles, like dense vegetation, with our hi-res thermal imaging capabilities

Industry-Leading Insights for Underwater Inspections

Improve the safety and cost-efficiency of your underwater inspections with Clearsight’s High Resolution Sonar System. Our comprehensive visual inspection solution includes the use of remotely operated underwater vehicles designed for safe, comprehensive and customizable inspections that will help to:

  • Improve the inspection data quality, cost-efficiency and safety
  • Better inform decision making and
  • Obtain unmatched inspection insights

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