Generation Services

Save critical outage time, reduce costs, and eliminate safety risks with more innovative inspections.

No matter the inspection, we have the resources to get the job done and keep your system online.

We leverage drones, robots, submersibles, sensors, and software to achieve more effective inspections than conventional methods.

flyability elios drone inspections

Safe and Economical

Our equipment efficiently navigates confined spaces and hazardous areas, empowering personnel to perform assessments and investigate issues from a safe location.

non destructive inspection drone

Inspect Assets Remotely

Remote inspections can be conducted during routine or unplanned maintenance outages, or while plants are still operating at full power.

Our Areas of Expertise

Structural inspection of the exterior of a plant

Visual Inspections

  • Inspections of towers, roofs, boilers, HRSG units, and all other areas of critical infrastructure inside and outside the plant.
Elios drone next to a sign that says "danger - confined space"

Confined Space Inspections

  • Remote inspections inside hazardous environments such as confined spaces that are difficult to access and areas with environmental hazards.
Man performing a remote inspection of an area with high levels of radiation

High Radiation Area Inspections

  • Remote inspections of areas with high levels of radiation, eliminating unnecessary exposure to personnel.
Infrared technology being on a machine

Infrared (IR) Analysis

  • Detection via IR technology of hotspots, leaks, cracks, and other anomalies not discernible through visual assessments.
Submersible inspection

Submersibles & Pipe Crawlers

  • Remote inspections of underwater assets such as intakes, discharge pipes, baffle walls, underwater snubbers, and RWT tanks.
non-destructive examination inspection

Non-Destructive Examination Drone

  • Drones allow access to previously difficult-to-reach inspection areas quickly and easily without the need to build costly scaffolds.

Case Studies

Intake and Discharge Inspection with Sediment Mapping

Intake and Discharge Inspection with Sediment Mapping

Submersible & sonar eliminated costs and safety risks associated with diving

  • $1M+ Savings over traditional methods
  • Reduced personnel needed from 16 to 4
  • Performed inspections in 60 hours compared to 110 hours
  • ROV data quality surpassed diving data

Industry Leading – Drone ASME Section XI Inspection

Industry Leading – Drone ASME Section XI Inspection

A drone-based concrete inspection offered higher quality data in less time

  • Less than 2 weeks to complete vs 4-6 weeks traditionally
  • Eliminated safety hazards associated with climbing and rappelling
  • 100% coverage of over 39,000 square feet

Infrared Troubleshooting at Nuclear Generation Station

Infrared Troubleshooting at Nuclear Generation Station

Infrared troubleshooting was completed in a hazardous area while the plant was at full power

  • Eliminated risk of damage to valves
  • Removed industrial safety risk
  • Saved approx. $5K per valve in scaffolding and resources
  • Prevented the site from reducing megawatts and approx. $1M in lost generation