Leveraging Innovative Technologies to Inspect Hazardous Areas

Maximize Efficiency and Reliability

Constellation Clearsight’s end-to-end integration in the energy business gives us a balanced perspective and unique insights to help utilities and other industrial facilities maintain critical infrastructure. We leverage drones, robots, sensors, and software to deliver a wide range of inspection solutions for power generation assets. 

Constellation Clearsight’s innovative technology allows us to remotely inspect inside environments which would be difficult for personnel to enter. High radiation areas present many challenges to station personnel. It can be difficult to plan and schedule inspections in high radiation areas, but they are critical tasks that are often require waiting until a down-power or outage to perform. Our experienced operators use best-in-class drones and robotics to gather critical data through a variety of conditions all while operating at full power. Following the inspection, our customers are given a data-rich report filled with insights that empower them to manage successful preventative maintenance programs.

Our Services

  • Visual Condition Assessment
  • Dose Mapping
  • Precise Measurement Capture

Our Capabilities

  • Visual, Thermographic, and Radiological Dose Rate Mapping
  • Photogrammetry
  • 3D Mapping

Benefits of Working with Constellation Clearsight

  • Constellation Clearsight was created by a utility provider with the purpose of serving other utility providers.
  • We were built on a backbone of innovation, experience, and investment.
  • We understand your needs and problems intimately and strive to offer the best solutions available on the market.

Photo Gallery

Case Studies

Infrared Troubleshooting

Key results:

  • Exponential cost savings
  • Supported critical maintenance decision making and planning
  • Minimized personnel dose exposure

Condenser Inspection

Key results:

  • Minimized personnel dose exposure
  • Saved time and money
  • Eliminated need for scaffolding