UAS Condenser Inspection

Constellation Clearsight partnered with a nuclear facility to help reduce their inspection time, costs, and risks when inspecting the steam shielding in three condenser units.

We used a UAS to gather data then performed analysis and reporting to offer critical insights. This enabled plant personnel to determine the extent of damage inside of a confined, radioactive, and hazardous space.

Steam shielding protects the “dogbone” seals that enable the condenser to be vacuum sealed. These shields need to be replaced every few years due to damage from erosion from steam impingement. To understand the extent and locations of damage, personnel would enter the confined spaces, erect scaffolding, and manually inspect the shielding in the condenser.

In addition to the cost of hours with the plant spent offline, the up-scaffolding costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. This would have required scaffolding personnel and engineers in the confined, radioactive space.

In only a few hours, a single drone eliminated these costs and risks. Our pilots seamlessly captured footage and delivered it to the team for analysis. We then provided our client a thorough report with actionable insights.

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  • Reduced radiation exposure to personnel >> 3rem dose saved
  • Eliminated need for scaffolding and permits
  • Saved time and money >> 4 Hours vs 2 Days
  • Reduced industrial safety risk
  • Enabled the plant to come back online quickly

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