Our Wood Pole Inspection Capabilities

At the center of our cutting-edge inspection technologies and service for wood poles is our fundamental Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) methodology. This methodology offers a superior approach to testing wood pole integrity compared to traditional hammer sound and bore methods. By utilizing a tiny and minimally invasive needle designed for live tree inspections, our pole inspections effectively minimize the need for partial excavation to evaluate wood conditions below the ground.

Clearsight Non-Destructive Inspection diagram

Non-Destructive Inspection

No destructive boring samples that impact structural integrity of wood pole, consistent, & repeatable inspections.

Clearsight reduced need for excavation diagram

Reduced Need for Excavation

Wood below the ground-line can be inspected without need for excavation, helping to avoid costs.

Clearsight comprehensive and customizable analysis diagram

Comprehensive & Customizable Analysis

Analysis of factors such as strength, decay, and circumference. Customizable with ability to add thermography, and other services.

Clearsight actionable reports diagram

Actionable Reports

Digital dataset designed to work seamlessly with existing processes. Conditions ranked by priority to streamline your maintenance workplan and budget.


Clearsight NDI Tool & Tool Bit

Our NDI tool digitally captures data recorded on each pole inspection test. Our tool bit is 1/10” backfills itself, so we’re able to achieve measurements below the ground-line with a hole a fraction of the size of traditional boring bits.

Our NDI ground-line wood pole inspections measure:

  • Remaining wood pole strength
  • Shell thickness
  • Internal decay/voids
  • External decay
Pole drill equipment in use


Aerial Overhead Line Inspections

An inspection of overhead electrical lines using visual images captured by UAS and analyzed by engineers. Results are organized in a prioritized risk assessment report.

  • Drone vantage points
  • Centralized, prioritized data
  • LiDAR & infrared capabilities


Secure Customer Portal Dashboard

The Clearsight customer portal provides easy and secure online access to actionable data from each inspection.

  • Condition priorities ranked
  • Recall past inspections quickly
  • Digital datasets for each pole
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Optimize Your Wood Pole Maintenance for Maximum Efficiency

Close-up of pole drill equipment

Unlike traditional sound and boring methods, our consistent and replicable wood pole inspection process significantly decreases the occurrence of human error, while capturing essential data required for quantitative analysis of shell thickness, external decay, internal voids, internal wood decay, and heart rot.

Traditional Inspections

  • Physical destruction of the pole
  • Significant excavation costs
  • Limited analysis of pole health
  • Reports are not easily integrated

Our Inspections

  • No destructive boring samples that impact structural integrity of wood pole
  • More accurate pole health assessment for proactive pole maintenance
  • Comprehensive analysis with actionable reports -integrating seamlessly with existing processes

Our Methodology

Constellation Clearsight’s end-to-end integration in the energy business gives our team of experts a balanced perspective and unique insights to help electric cooperatives, municipalities and utilities maintain critical infrastructure. We leverage software to deliver a wide range of inspection solutions for transmission and distribution assets.

Clearsight inspection methodology flowchart

Realize the Benefits of Complete, Reliable and Information-Rich Inspections for Wood Poles

When our wood pole ground line inspections are coupled with aerial drone inspections, electric cooperatives, municipal and investor-owned utilities uncover deeper and more complete insights for their comprehensive wood pole inspection and maintenance program. Our drones and sensors capture essential data on the integrity of pole-tops and overhead components through a visual inspection with an optional infrared add-on service.

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