Maximize Inspection Safety and Efficiency with Infrared Technology

Trust our team of experts to provide innovative solutions for your temperature-sensitive projects. We maximize safety and efficiency with the use of the industry’s best technology. Thermal sensors make it easy to capture reliable temperature readings. Our certified thermographers use this technology to address all aspects of data collection, processing, analysis, and reporting.

Learn how Clearsight’s inspection technology can help protect your energy operations.

Capture Critical Data With Thermal Sensors

Thermal sensors on drones allow for efficient and safe inspections of temperature-sensitive equipment in the energy generation, transmission, and distribution sectors. An accurate temperature reading is a key part of correctly identifying issues. Our radiothermal technology allows our pilots and experts to:

  • Capture data and create images based on temperature differences
  • Automatically capture zoomed images, store with overview images, and recognize pre-marked subjects
Constellation Clearsight uses 3D modeling and corrosion analysis to inspect power line towers

Early Problem Identification & Preventative Maintenance

Early identification of thermal radiation anomalies are valuable for preventing future issues. Clearsight experts employ-cutting edge drone and thermal sensor technology to safely and efficiently capture inspection data in an effort to:

  • Avoid costly system outages with our inspections.
  • Protect personnel from temperature-sensitive inspections with increased drone range
  • Overcome visual obstacles, like dense vegetation, with our hi-res thermal imaging capabilities

Clearsight's Inspection Benefits

Employ drone technology to detect and identify overheated equipment and components that may not be discernible through visual assessments alone.

  • Avoid costly system outages with our inspections.
  • Protect personnel from temperature-sensitive inspections with increased drone range.
  • Clearsight certified thermographers have access to a variety of drones, cameras, and other sensors.

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Clearsight is your end-to-end solution for utility asset inspections.


Our team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) coordinate and provide a detailed plan for every mission.


The Clearsight inspection team deploys the most effective data-collecting technology to gather insights.

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Data is securely uploaded and analyzed by SMEs. Reports are electronically produced, complete with prioritized findings.

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