Transmission & Distribution Services

Optimize system performance while reducing total cost of ownership

Our innovative inspection processes achieve better results by identifying more defects than traditional, ground-based inspections.

actionable insights overhead heat map

Actionable Insights

By leveraging new technologies including robotics and software, we provide more value to our customers in the form of insights delivered via our Customer Portal.

electrical line inspection using drones

Unparalleled Value

Drones or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are used to make our inspections faster and more efficient than conventional methods.

transmission & distribution inspections with drones

Safety Beyond Compare

Our solutions are a safer and more cost-effective alternative than traditional inspection methods. We leverage drones, robots, sensors, and software to collect data while keeping crews out of harm’s way from industrial safety hazards.

remote inspections using drones

Remote Asset Inspections

We specialize in processing and analyzing data remotely, which enables our team of industry experts to perform comprehensive assessments with our patent-pending software tools and document conditions with better accuracy and consistency. 

Clearsight Transmission and Distribution Services dashboard on iPad

Invaluable Insights at Your Fingertips

Inspection insights are delivered in a user-friendly format via our Customer Portal, a custom-built web application designed to help you optimize system performance and reliability.

Success by the Numbers

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800000 +


Interruptions Prevented



Critical Issues Identified



Our Areas of Expertise

Utility Drone Inspection Services

Aerial Overhead Line Inspections

  • An inspection of overhead electrical lines using visual images captured by UAS and analyzed by engineers. Results are organized in a prioritized risk assessment report.
Man performing a wood pole inspection, treatment, and reinforcement (ITR)

Wood Pole ITR

  • Wood Pole Inspection, Treatment, and Reinforcement (ITR) program driven by a scientific approach utilizing non-destructive methods that deliver objective insights to optimize remedial maintenance procedures and extend the life of wood assets.
Vegetation Inspection Services

Vegetation Analysis

  • Remote data collection and modeling identifies areas of encroachment, helps calculate volumetrics, analyzes impact on line corridors, and aids in optimizing maintenance schedules.
Infrared (IR) analysis and inspections for energy transmission and distribution industry.

Thermographic Inspections

  • Infrared (IR) imaging identifies overheating equipment and components which are not discernible through visual assessments alone. This service can be performed on transmission, distribution, and substation assets, as well as inside manholes, vaults, and to support special projects/studies.
Drone performing an underground system inspection of a manhole

Underground System Inspections

  • Visual imagery and sensor data remotely collected by UAS/robotics to perform inspections of assets in confined and hazardous spaces, such as inside manholes and vaults.
Overhead electrical lines

Third-Party Attachments

  • Visual inspection imagery is used to perform an inventory of all known and foreign third-party attachments to help audit compliance, collect revenues, and manage joint-use contracts.

Case Studies

Aerial vs. Ground-Level Comparison of Distribution Assets

Aerial vs. Ground-Level Comparison of Distribution Assets

Aerial vs Ground Inspections – more accurate condition detection with downstream benefits

  • 202 Aerial v 136 Ground (48% better)
  • 4 high priority issues only visible from above
  • Aerial provided clearer view for more accurate condition detection
  • Aerial has potential for downstream benefits