Overhead Aerial Line Inspections

Our Innovative T&D Inspections Help You Prioritize Remediation Plans

How we Deliver Superior Inspections and Actionable Insights

We’re not the average inspection company. In fact, we are the only inspection company backed by a leading competitive energy provider.

Our inspection solutions harness the combined strengths of Constellation’s utility operating companies and decades of complex problem-solving experience. When all these insights are combined with drones, robots, artificial intelligence, and patent-pending software, the result is a superior inspection service built specifically for utilities. Our aerial overhead line inspections are trusted by more than 75 regulated utilities, municipal utilities, and electric cooperatives around the country. We excel because we understand that every utility has different needs and can tailor solutions to match. Whether you are in need of standard safety/compliance patrols or comprehensive reliability assessments we can help. We also offer a broad range of services that can be bundled with standard overhead inspections to achieve more value.

Constellation Clearsight leverages new technologies including best-in-class drones and software to provide a faster, more efficient inspection. These technologies allow us to inspect overhead electrical lines using visual images and provide more value in the form of insights to our customers over conventional methods. The images captured by the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are then analyzed by engineers and organized into a comprehensive and prioritized risk assessment report delivered via our Customer Portal.

Value Added Services

  • Aerial Overhead Inspections
  • Infrared (IR) Scan & Analysis
  • Visual Vegetation Assessment
  • Facility / Equipment Inventory
  • Third Party Attachment Reporting
  • GIS Data Correction

Other Aerial Services

  • LiDAR Data Solutions
  • Right-of-Way Management
  • 3D Models & PLS-CADD
  • Vertical & Horizontal Line Clearance

Benefits of Working with Constellation Clearsight

  • Our business is built on key pillars of safety, innovations, and excellence to help you get the most value from your inspection programs.
  • We welcome opportunities to collaborate and form alliances, to develop solutions for specific needs.

Specialized Inspections

Without key insights, inspection programs are ineffective at improving the resiliency and reliability of your system. Our inspection methodology is trusted by a wide variety of infrastructure utilities to achieve and maintain their safety and sustainability goals.

1 Collection

2 Processing

3 Analysis

4 Reporting