Our Comprehensive Inspection Capabilities

Critical energy infrastructure demands the most complete, accurate, and detailed inspection data and analysis. With more than 320,000 energy inspections completed, Constellation Clearsight understands these demands. Our team helps utilities and electric cooperatives identify an average of 50% more issues than ground-based inspections alone using aerial inspection drones. With this technology, our expert team can access virtually every area of your system, even where people can’t go, and collect visual imagery and data quickly and safely.

Turnkey Services

We provide a total inspection solution advantage that streamlines maintenance work planning and budgeting.

UAV/Drone Technology

Eliminate inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and most importantly, the safety risks associated with traditional inspection methods.

Expert Analysis

Priority ranking to each discovered issue, providing valuable, actionable insights to improve system reliability.

Secure Customer Portal

Provide your personnel, contractors, and vendors with instantaneous inspection reports.


Visual Vegetation Management

Our comprehensive visual inspection solution includes the use of drones for safe, high-resolution imagery, customizable inspections, prioritized defects, and detailed historical data available through our client portal.

  • Reduce safety hazards
  • Improve decision making
  • Unmatched aerial insights


LiDAR Clearance Distance Surveys

Clearsight’s powerful LiDAR survey solution includes accurate engineering-grade measurements, customizable analytics, historical record-keeping, and reduced safety hazards.

  • Personalized solutions tailored to your needs
  • Compliance with NERC standard FAC-003-4
  • Collect in days what typically takes months
Vegetation Inspection Services


Aerial Drones

We deploy these drones equipped with sensors that offer vantage points of transmission and distribution electrical lines and utility poles. Using these drones to inspect miles of assets saves time, is more economical, and reduces time needed in bucket trucks.

  • 15km Max transmission
  • 55-minute flight time
  • 6 directional sensing and positioning
Clearsight uses 3D modeling and corrosion analysis to inspect power line towers

LiDAR Sensors

Clearsight’s 3D Imaging System has sensitivity needed for infrastructure mapping. In addition, its superior ground capturing capabilities for lightly vegetated areas make this the most economical platform for utility grade-mapping.

  • 3D color mapping
  • 120° field of view
  • Vegetation penetration
Constellation Clearsight provides data analytics and reporting for power line inspection


Drone Thermal Sensors

Our trained pilots fly drones equipped with thermal cameras at ideal vantage points, adding a new layer of valuable data to be captured: temperature.

  • Radiometric Thermal Camera
  • -20°C to 50°C Operating Temperatures
  • IP44 Rating
Constellation Clearsight uses 3D modeling and corrosion analysis to inspect power line towers


Secure Customer Portal Dashboard

The Clearsight customer portal provides easy and secure online access to actionable data from each inspection.

  • Condition priorities ranked
  • Recall past inspections quickly
  • Digital datasets for each pole

Optimize Your Electric Grid Maintenance for Maximum Efficiency

Traditional Inspections

  • Ground crews and bandwidth are needed to assess problems
  • PDF reports that are difficult to distribute
  • Limited visibility from ground and bucket trucks
  • Close proximity to hazards

Our Inspections

  • AI and computer vision technology to support accuracy and precision
  • Customer portal allows more ways to leverage data
  • Drones equipped with sensors provide better vantage points of assets
  • Reduces time near hazardous situations

Our Methodology

Constellation Clearsight’s overhead inspection methodology combines drone technology, expert analysis, and centralized data to support accurate and proactive maintenance decisions. In addition to comprehensive overhead inspections, Clearsight offers a broad range of services including vegetation management, wood pole health inspections, and LiDAR clearance distance surveys, which can be bundled with standard overhead inspections to achieve more value.

Clearsight inspection methodology flowchart

Reach Out to Our Inspection Teams

Improve the safety and efficiency of your overhead line inspections with Clearsight’s UAV/drone technology, high-resolution drone imagery and expert support. Contact Constellation Clearsight today to tailor an inspection solution that gets you the insights you need to effectively monitor your electrical assets, prioritize any remediations, and improve system reliability.

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