Submersible ROV Capabilities

Underwater inspections present a unique set of challenges. Diving crews face inherent risks and diving inspections are resource intensive, often requiring the system to be taken out of service and additional personnel supporting each underwater diver.

The underwater ROVs we deploy dramatically improves safety, efficiency, and lowers the cost of underwater inspections. Our underwater inspection solution features high-resolution sonar sensor technologies which permit real-time performance monitoring and readings of as-found asset conditions.

These capabilities are precise reasons why our subject matter experts choose to deploy these tools during generation asset inspections. They enable better data collection to be evaluated by Clearsight experts.

Depths up to 200 m

320-degree view field

8 hrs. of dive time

300-lumen LED lighting

4K resolution video

100N towing force

Range resolutions of down to 2mm

375kHz to 3.0MHz frequencies

Update rates up to 40Hz

High-Resolution Sonar

In environments where visibility is low, Clearsight’s ROV Submersible Inspection Solution utilizes high-resolution sonar to thoroughly inspect submerged assets.

Compact Design

Maneuvering traditional ROVs in underwater environments can be frustrating due to size. Clearsight’s underwater ROVs are optimized for tight spaces and additional features aid in lost object retrieval.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Using underwater ROVs allows users to avoid costly system shutdowns for inspection. Clearsight’s ROVs not only keep personnel out of the water, but also provide real-time monitoring features.


Clearsight’s Underwater ROV Inspection Benefits

  • Perform high-quality, safe underwater inspections using high-resolution sonar.
  • Reduce overall time, resource, and outage/O&M costs by reducing the need for large dive teams and coordination.
  • Access previously difficult-to-reach inspection areas quickly and easily.

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Our team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) coordinate and provide a detailed plan for every mission.


The Clearsight inspection team deploys the most effective data-collecting technology to gather insights.


Data is securely uploaded and analyzed by SMEs. Reports are electronically produced, complete with prioritized findings.

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