Drones Can Boost Efficiency & Improve Safety in Utility Pole Aerial Inspections

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In this article:

  • Learn how drones can make inspections faster
  • Understand the safety benefits of using drones
  • Discover how drone data gets turned into actionable insights


Working with end-to-end inspection teams that use drones in their standard procedures can be a game-changer for utility and energy co-ops. Constellation Clearsight works closely with utilities and co-ops across the country and effectively streamlines inspection processes, cutting the amount of bucket-truck rollouts and reducing the time workers need to be around energized assets.

But drones are just one component of our complete end-to-end solution. With the help of trained experts, we turn high-quality drone data into actionable insights that reduce the total cost of asset ownership.

Speed and Safety

There is no doubt that bucket trucks will always play a role in the repair and maintenance of assets like utility poles. But as co-ops and utilities embrace the power of technology to work smarter, many are incorporating drones into their inspection processes.

Constellation Clearsight’s trained pilots and experienced data analysts use drone technology to drastically reduce inspection time and reduce safety hazards in aerial utility pole inspections.

Drones cover more ground geographically at a faster rate and at an ideal vantage point. Because of this, the data captured contains more detail.

Drones also help ground crews be better utilized and more prepared with the necessary information or remediation plan before even getting into their rig. With more efficient aerial inspections, co-ops, munis and utilities are better equipped to maintain their electrical infrastructure assets within managed budgets.

Some additional benefits drones provide to the utility industry include:

  • Drones are able to quickly and cost-effectively identify potentially dangerous irregularities.
  • Drone attachments, like infrared cameras and sophisticated sensors, improve the quality and accuracy of the data.
  • Drones can easily navigate around unsafe or hard to pass terrain.

Turning Data Into Insights

With the addition of drone technology, inspection data quality, safety, and speed are improved exponentially. Still, every inspection must be managed by a team of experts who can extract insights from the data in order to prioritize repair and remediation efforts. This is particularly the case considering the massive quantity of data drones are able to collect in very little time.

Clearsight’s experts are just as important as its drones. Our experts prioritize the data in our patent-pending proprietary software and then compile it into easily digestible reports. They can also help customers feed it into their data management systems of choice. Drones, sensors, experts and data management systems are all required to turn raw data into actionable insights. Once again, these insights can help utilities and co-ops reduce overall cost of ownership and keep maintenance within budget.

The Bottom Line

Thorough and accurate inspection data is key to asset maintenance. End-to-end inspection teams like Clearsight help provide safer, more effective inspections of critical infrastructure. Our trained pilots and experts use drone technology to drastically reduce inspection time and reduce safety hazards in aerial utility pole inspections.

Drone application is just one piece of the puzzle—though an important one. Knowing where and how to utilize the technology in tandem with experts and other innovative tools is the key to success.

Drones are a powerful tool that empower Clearsight’s team of experts.

We have extensive experience developing custom inspection programs and solutions based on the needs of our energy customers. Learn more about the latest Clearsight missions and how we serve utilities and energy co-ops in our case studies.

Here’s a look at Constellation Clearsight’s aerial overhead line inspections…

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