Moisture Separator Inspection

Constellation Clearsight used drone technology to inspect a nuclear power station while at full power.

Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station (PBAPS) requested an inspection of their moisture separator to help them make informed planning decisions for an upcoming maintenance opportunity. The moisture separator is in an area that is inaccessible during normal power due to its high temperatures and high dose rates, meaning it can only be accessed during load drops or outages when the unit is not operating at full power. 

We used a drone while the site was at full power to conduct the visual inspection and collect video from all vantage points of the area of interest. By using this technology, we reduced the overall evolution time to about two hours and eliminated many industrial safety risks including temperature fatigue and dose. The insights we collected provided the site with the exact path of conduit route to aid the site in maintenance activity work planning.   

We performed a remote inspection of the 1T4, 2T4, 1R4 & 2R4 conduit routes in less than two hours, providing site personnel a clear understanding of the exact path from entry to exit. Capturing the same data with a traditional inspection would have taken about 40 hours and cost around $20,000 in materials and resources for scaffolding.

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  • Eliminated dose exposure
  • Reduced industrial safety risks
  • Avoided 40+ hour scaffold build
  • Saved $20,000

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