Constellation Clearsight Makes History!

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Constellation Clearsight makes history with the first ever UAS inspection of an accident inside an underwater tunnel.

We utilized the Flyability Elios 2 drone to navigate the wreckage to gather data on a critical supply route. The rapid response of our drone crews aided investigators in the critical hours following the accident to assess the extent of the damage and strategize cleanup efforts. Our innovative technologies and skilled operators provided a safer alternative to get the first view of the wreckage.

Disclaimer: No drones were harmed during this mission!

UAS coal inspection

Case Study: UAS Coal Station Inspection

We partnered with a coal power station to use a drone to safely and effectively enter the filtration system while offline.

Flyability Changes the Game

The Elios 2 drone from Flyability makes the inspection of hazardous tunnels, shafts, and other areas safe and easy. Not only do personnel no longer need to be put at risk, but the drones can canvas larger areas faster than technicians on foot.

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