Industrial Services

We safely conduct inspections in hazardous industrial environments.

Industrial environments are often full of hazards that personnel must contend with during inspections. Radiation, confined spaces, and other unsafe working conditions often cannot be avoided. However, our inspection methods replaced manned crews with robots that are able to function within such hazards, minimizing risk and costs.

Our industrial services also extend to underground and underwater assets as well. Performing these inspections by conventional means is often a dangerous and costly undertaking, especially when divers are involved.

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Client Assets

  • Generation & Transmission Cooperatives
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Natural Gas Plants
  • Renewable Energy Plants
  • Fossil Fuel Plants

Inspection Services Provided

Radiological Areas

  • We safely perform inspections in areas with high levels of radiation, eliminating unnecessary dose exposure to personnel

Piping Networks

  • Our innovative pipe-crawling technology allows us to inspect an array of pipes regardless of size or accessibility.

Duct Networks

  • Remote duct inspections are a cost-effective way to locate possible issues such as leaks and blockages in hard-to-reach places.


  • Drone technology keeps crews on the ground and eliminates the need for scaffolding and other costly, inefficient methods when inspecting facades.

Machinery Interiors

  • We are able to remotely inspect the inside large machinery, keeping the equipment intact and crews out of harm’s way.

Confined Spaces

  • Remote inspections inside hazardous environments such as confined spaces that are difficult to access and areas with environmental hazards.


  • Our technology safely inspects and provides superior data on underground assets that cannot easily be accessed by personnel.


  • We use submersibles to inspect underwater assets such as cooling pools, intake grates, drain systems, pipes, tanks, and underwater snubbers.