Leveraging Innovative Technologies to Improve System Reliability

Save Time, Reduce Cost, Eliminate Safety Hazards

Constellation Clearsight’s end-to-end integration in the energy business gives us a balanced perspective and unique insights to help utilities and other industrial facilities maintain critical infrastructure. We leverage drones, robots, sensors, and software to deliver a wide range of inspection solutions for power generation assets. 

Constellation Clearsight’s innovative technology allows us to remotely inspect intake bays, discharge tunnels, storm drains, and other piping across a multitude of plant systems. Our experienced operators use best-in-class submersibles and crawlers to gather critical data through a variety of conditions. Following the inspection, our customers are given a data-rich report filled with insights that empower them to manage successful preventative maintenance programs.

Our Services

  • Isophase Bus Duct Inspections
  • Tank Inspections
  • Discharge Tunnel Assessments
  • Underground Piping
  • Intake/Discharge Bay Inspections
  • Torus & Suppression Pool Inspections

Our Capabilities

  • Sonar-based Surveys
  • Temperature Readings
  • Depth Readings
  • High-resolution imagery and video
  • Sediment Mapping

Benefits of Working with Constellation Clearsight

  • Constellation Clearsight was created by a utility provider with the purpose of serving other utility providers.
  • We were built on a backbone of innovation, experience, and investment.
  • We understand your needs and problems intimately and strive to offer the best solutions available on the market.

Photo Gallery

Case Studies

Intake and Discharge Inspection

Key results:

  • Eliminated need for divers
  • Exponential cost savings
  • Reduced evolution time

Isophase Bus Duct Inspection

Key results:

  • Eliminated safety hazards
  • Reduced outage time and resources
  • Quickly provided actionable insights

Water Tank Inspection

Key results:

  • Provided organized data and insights
  • Reduced number of required personnel
  • Eliminated need for divers and associated safety hazards