Structural Inspections

Our Innovative Solutions Achieve Better Results

Actionable Insights, Unparalleled Value

Constellation Clearsight’s end-to-end integration in the energy business gives us a balanced perspective and unique insights to help utilities and other industrial facilities maintain critical infrastructure. We leverage drones, robots, sensors, and software to deliver a wide range of inspection solutions for power generation assets.

Clearsight’s innovative technology allows us to remotely inspect towers, roofs, boilers, and other areas of critical infrastructure inside and outside the plant. Our experienced operators use best-in-class drone and sensors to gather critical data through a variety of conditions. Following the inspection, our customers are given a data-rich report filled with insights that empower them to manage proactive preventative maintenance programs.

Our Services

  • ASME Section XI IWL Inspections
  • Cooling Tower/Stack Structural Inspections
  • Hydroelectric Dam/Spillway/Penstock Inspections
  • Rooftop Structural Asset Management Assessments
  • Tank Inspections
  • Building Facade Inspections
  • Bridge Inspections

Our Capabilities

  • High-resolution imagery and video
  • Photogrammetry and 3D Modeling
  • ASME VT-3 and VT-1 acuity
  • Submersible/Diver Offset Services

Benefits of Working with Constellation Clearsight

  • Our business is built on key pillars of safety, innovations, and excellence to help you get the most value from your inspection programs.
  • We welcome opportunities to collaborate and form alliances, to develop solutions for specific needs.

Case Studies

Cooling Tower Inspection

Key results:

  • Eliminated safety hazards associated with climbing and working at heights
  • Collected high quality data for use in building a photogrammetrical 3D model for structural analysis
  • Eliminated the need for a lift or rope access

ASME Section XI Inspection

Key results:

  • Eliminated safety hazards
  • Unique vantage points allow for defect mapping and modeling
  • 100% coverage of entire structure

Turbine Building Siding Inspection

Key results:

  • Exponential cost savings
  • Eliminated safety hazards related to working at heights
  • Reduced inspection time from one month, to one shift