Water Tank Inspection

Constellation Clearsight inspected the interior of a water tank and its piping using a submersible drone.

We provided K-Tek International with an inspection of a 600,000-gallon municipal water tank with an ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle). The Above Ground Storage Tank serves as a reservoir for fire protection water and cooling water for a 250 MW natural gas-fired combined-cycle generation facility.

In under two hours, Constellation Clearsight performed a comprehensive visual inspection of the following:

  • Standpipe
  • Penetrations
  • Walls
  • Support column
  • Sediment levels

We processed and organized the raw data on-site, and delivered the actionable intelligence to our contact that same day.

In this inspection, we used the Deep Trekker Revolution, keeping our team and the client’s team outside of the risk zone. No issues or signs of degradation were uncovered, and approximately ¼” to ½” of silt was present on the bottom of the tank. High-definition photos and videos were provided to the client that day.

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