Turbine Building Siding Inspection

Constellation Clearsight used drones to inspect the siding of a turbine building without the need for scaffolding.

Turbine building siding inspections are required to identify panels with missing or loose fasteners which could affect the functionality of the siding. This siding helps to maintain negative pressure in the building. If missing fasteners caused the siding to come off the building, this could result in a loss of negative pressure in the turbine building and potentially cause a forced outage. In a storm or high-wind event, loose or missing fasteners may result in the siding blowing off the building.  

Traditionally, inspecting a nuclear site’s turbine building siding requires multiple crews over 3-4 workweeks. The site would deploy cantilevered scaffolding and a large crane, costing approximately $320,000. This type of inspection also expends approximately 1 Rem of dose exposure, about 20% of dose allowance for the outage.   

With two drones and two Operators, the Constellation Clearsight team completed the inspection in approximately 12 hours. We clearly identified, documented, and mapped issues for upcoming maintenance on two 300’x60′ facades and two 150’x60′ facades. The entire inspection was completed without building any scaffolding or exposing personnel to fall/injury risk or dose exposure.  

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  • Monetary savings of over $300,000
  • Approximately 1 Rem dose saved
  • Less than 12 hours to complete vs 3-4 weeks traditionally
  • Eliminated safety hazards associated with scaffolding

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