Storm Drain Inspection

A nuclear generating station recently partnered with Constellation Clearsight to inspect its network of pipes connecting to the storm drain to comply with insurance requirements.

These confined spaces are typically submerged in water, which is the perfect use case for a submersible pipe crawler. Otherwise, the station would normally obtain a confined space permit and subject a diver to dangerous conditions. They teamed up on a proof-of-concept mission to quantify the value of an unmanned alternative.

Constellation Clearsight’s operations team used a crawler to navigate the piping system while keeping human personnel safely above ground. They inspected the lining to search for cracks and ensure the system was flowing properly. Fortunately, they did not find any anomalies.

Because of the value Constellation Clearsight delivered, this proof-of-concept is evolving to a larger maintenance project for the valves across the station’s entire storm drain network. This partnership will save the company time and money, as well as reduce safety risks for personnel at the site.

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