Nuclear Generation Station Condenser Inspection

Constellation Clearsight used Elios Drones to inspect the tight spaces within a nuclear generation station’s condenser unit.

Accessing a nuclear site’s steam condenser can be costly if done the traditional way. One must factor in the resources and time to build the required scaffolding needed to access all parts of the condenser. 

We deployed a drone into the site’s condenser units. The drone was able to easily access the tight spaces that in the traditional inspection process would require personnel to have special qualifications. By using this innovative solution, and keeping personnel from entering the confined space, we were able to mitigate or eliminate many of the negative aspects of the traditional inspection process. 

By using a specialized drone, along with a highly skilled pilot out of the confined space and in a safe location, we were able to provide the valuable insights needed for a successful inspection evolution. We partnered with a nuclear facility to help reduce their inspection time, costs, and risks when inspecting the steam shielding in three condenser units. We used a UAS to gather data then performed analysis and reporting to offer critical insights. This enabled plant personnel to determine the extent of damage inside of a confined, radioactive, and hazardous space.

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  • Eliminated industrial safety risks
  • Removed the need for scaffolding
  • Saved over 24 hours
  • Avoided a $65K scaffolding expenditure
  • Delivered actionable insights including high-quality photos and video

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