Emergent Isophase Bus Duct Inspection

Constellation Clearsight conducted an emergency duct inspection by using a remote crawler.

An electrical trip caused a forced outage at a multi-unit power and energy company. Customers and critical organizations across multiple states rely heavily on the company’s power during the Covid-19 pandemic, so we were called to complete an emergency inspection.

Within eight hours of the call for support, our operator was onsite and prepared to deploy a crawler into the Isophase Bus ducts. The crawler was utilized to identify signs of arcing or degradation. In the course of the inspection, we identified approximately 200 gallons of water inside this environment that likely caused the trip. Site personnel drained the ductwork and performed testing overnight, allowing the site to bring the system back online quickly.

For the site to manually perform the same scope of inspection, numerous hatches in the Isophase Bus Ductwork would need to be opened. Access to the hatches involves costly scaffolding, qualified safety professionals, and equipment. In addition to being very time-consuming, access to these hatches would have presented a major industrial safety risk due to the confined space, work at heights, and 200 gallons of standing water located within the ductwork.

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  • Inspected over 1,800 ft. of Isophase bus duct terminals
  • Actionable insights provided quickly
  • Eliminated industrial safety risk
  • Reduced time of outage
  • Approximately $20,000 savings by eliminating need for scaffolding and manlifts

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