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2019 was an incredible year for AeroLabs. We made amazing advancements in our services, software tools, customer base, and team. As we grew, we realized the name “AeroLabs” didn’t convey who we are and what we offer our customers.

We are proud to re-introduce ourselves, as Exelon Clearsight.

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Exelon, a FORTUNE 100 company that work​s in every stage of the energy business: power generation, competitive energy sales, and transmission and distribution. Exelon operates 32,000 Megawatts of power generation, serves over 10 million electric and gas customers across more than 139,000 miles of lines, and employs over 33,000 energy professionals. As a part of Exelon, we are fully immersed in the energy industry – we get it.

Betting on the Future of Drone Technology

We started this business with an assumption – we believed drones would help us provide more thorough inspections, reducing costs and safety risks. The results were clear. Our drone and software-enabled processes produce better results. We added submersibles, robots, and sensors to expand our inspection offerings.

Florida co-op heat map

Case Study: Inaccessible Distribution Asset Inspection

A large Florida co-op recently partnered with us to address reliability issues that have plagued their system with an annual average of 65 outages per member.

However, inspection programs are only effective if they deliver actionable insights. Combining these new technologies with our Exelon insight is the clear value we provide. We developed a software platform to process and organize the inspection data. Our team of subject matter experts leverages this platform to identify and prioritize inspection results. Clients have access to the inspection details and the prioritized results via our customer portal. Our system is built to efficiently interface with customers’ work management and GIS systems to ensure we put results at their fingertips.

Exelon Clearsight is more than an inspection company. We offer our partners expertise, insights, and results.

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