Law Enforcement Leverages Innovative Technologies

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We recently had the unique opportunity to visit a tactical team in the Northeastern U.S.! This team is seeking new technology to augment existing tools that are used to maintain operational safety while working in dangerous scenarios.

During our demonstration, the Flyability Elios Drone was operated from inside an armored vehicle and flown into nearby buildings, while the tactical team remained safely inside the vehicle. Because of the Elios’s onboard 4k and IR cameras, lighting system, and the ability to output a video signal to a separate monitor, the team was able to increase their situational awareness in real-time without exposing themselves to danger.

UAS Drone Versatility

The versatility that the Elios offers (due in part to its collision-tolerant protective sphere) makes it the perfect tool for accessing high-risk environments in ways such as breaching windows/curtains, using elevators, opening doors that are ajar, entering ducts or other passageways, crossing waterways, monitoring fires, and more. This provides response teams with critical intel that can save time and lives.

Structural inspection of the exterior of a plant

Case Study: Industry-Leading Drone ASME Section XI Inspection

Exelon Clearsight was contracted to perform a drone-based inspection of a nuclear site’s containment building, per ASME Section XI Subsection IWL standard.

We believe that deploying drones can be advantageous in many types of dangerous scenarios such as:

  • Ambushes (room clearing without entry)
  • Active shooter event (threat softening and monitoring)
  • Search and seizure
  • Search and rescue (locating missing persons)
  • Acts of terror
  • Hostage situations (communicating with hostages and suspects)
  • Riots (crowd monitoring and suspect identification)
  • Storm response and emergency management
  • Gang activity (remote patrolling for known areas of danger)
  • Firefighting
  • Accident Investigation

Elios Drone Demonstrations

We know that it’s easier to understand how a piece of equipment can be leveraged for your needs through an in-person demonstration and question answering session. If you would like to see the Elios drone in action, please reach out to Chris Place at to schedule a demo!

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