Drones Conquer ASME IWL General Examination

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There’s only one way to prove a drone camera can meet the visual acuity needed to obtain ASME IWL General Examination quality to perform qualified inspections of reactor containment structures… get out in the field and demonstrate it!

Clearsight recently performed a demonstration to a team of personnel at an Exelon nuclear site, which included our Generation team, Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) services personnel, and an Authorized Nuclear In-Service Inspector (ANII).

ASME IWL General Examination Qualification Demonstration

Our pilots demonstrated that our drones, when coupled with a mix of carefully selected camera packages, are able to observe and qualify these airborne assets to perform ASME IWL General Examination level quality inspections at distances ranging from 20’ to 36’ away from the concrete containment structure.

These containment inspections are required under ASME Section XI for IWL concrete containment in-service inspections.

Structural inspection of the exterior of a plant

Case Study: Industry-Leading Drone ASME Section XI Inspection

Exelon Clearsight was contracted to perform a drone-based inspection of a nuclear site’s containment building, per ASME Section XI Subsection IWL standard.

Proving that our drones are capable of qualifying cameras for these inspections means that we can not only perform nuclear ASME IWL General Examination inspections, but that we can also inspect concrete cooling tower, dam, hydro spillway, and stack inspections because of the more stringent requirements.

Drones for Site Inspections

Flyability’s Elios drones are capable of internal and external inspections of buildings, tunnels, and any other facilities you operate. High-resolution and even infra-red cameras can be attached to the drones to gather all the information you need about the state of your site.

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